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3rd International Keyboard Youth Competition is one-day event intended for students and young musicians who perform music on a keyboard musical instrument i.e. synthesizer, accoustic or electric (digital) piano or accordion. The contestants compete as soloists or as members of an ensemble. In the ensemble’s categories beside keyboard performers  singers and all other instrumentalists could be represented ,  provided that they are members of an ensemble with at least one keyboard performer included .

The first part of the Competition (categories I to IV)  will take place at the MMA Summer Stage. The second part ( categories V and VI) and the Final Ceremony are going to take place at the Bunker Youth Center in Samobor City. The whole program will be held on Sunday the 10th of Jun, 2018. The Competition will be concluded by the concert at which awarded participants will  perform, according to the choice of the Competition’s jury.

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TV Zapad on 2. International Keyboard Youth Competition :

Laureats 1st Keyboard Competition: 


How to perform music for the competition  ?
Let’s look the recordings of the MMA participants from 2013. (4. and 6. stage).


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