Competitors are evaluated by an expert jury of 4 members appointed by the organizer of the Competition. Jury members evaluate the contestant with a score scale of 10 to 100. A member of the jury does not evaluate the competitor who is his student, nor the contestant with whom he is related.

Contestants’ rating is based on the evaluation of the following elements:
✓ technical demand
✓ rhythmic exactness
✓ accuracy of performance
✓ choice of sound and style
✓ harmonic and rhythmic compliance
✓ musicality
✓ artistic impression – a personal approach to the performance of a contestant

The final result of a contestant is determined by adding points from the evaluation form of each member of the jury and by dividing the sum by the total number of members of the jury that evaluated the contestants. The middle (final) grade consists of the whole number with the possible first two decimal numbers behind the comma, without rounding.

The results of the competition will be announced at the closing ceremony and on the website of malimuzickiatelje.com.
The decisions of the jury are final, irrevocable and there is no right to appeal against

The Jury:

For the biography of the jury members, click on their names.


piano teacher and accompanist at the Ferdo Livadić music school in Samobor
saxophone teacher at the Zlatko Baloković music school, songwriter, singer
Željka Spinčić Bunčić, prof.
professor of organ and theoretical music subjects at the Ferdo Livadić music school in Samobor

marina flanjak 

Marina Flanjak,prof.,Samobor
accordion teacher at the Ferdo Livadić music school in Samobor